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News and Announcements

The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) makes every effort to keep our Participating Lenders informed on important developments regarding CHFA products, services and policies which could impact their business.  

Review the latest news releases and announcements listed below to stay up-to-date.  

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DatePress Release
2/13/2018Bulletin 136 - CHFA DAP Loan Servicer Reference Guide

1/25/2018Bulletin 135A - Borrower Email Address Addendum

1/22/2018Bulletin 135 - LOS Screen Updates - Borrowers Email and Loan Officer NMLS

12/28/2017Bulletin 134 - Maximum Loan Amount Increased for HFA Preferred and HFA Advantage Programs

12/19/2017Bulletin 133 - CHFA LOS Process for Uploading FNMA 1003 and HMDA Data

12/18/2017Bulletin 132 - CHFA 2018 Single Family Programs Lender Calendar

12/4/2017Bulletin 131 - CHFA DAP Loan Servicer Assignments

10/4/2017Servicing Bulletin 2017-02 - Assignment of Mtg and Post Closing Process Revisions

9/13/2017Servicing Bulletin 2017-01A - Loan Purchase Request Submission Requirements (Addendum)

8/22/2017Servicing Bulletin 2017-01 - Loan Purchase Requests and Submission Requirements

8/14/2017Bulletin 130 - Borrower Signature Affidavit Requirement

7/24/2017Bulletin 129 - CHFA HFA Preferred Program - Income Debt Ratios

6/30/2017Bulletin 128 - Loan Origination System (LOS) Lender Portal Update

6/29/2017Bulletin 127 - Teachers Mortgage Assistance Program 2017-2018

6/7/2017Bulletin 126 - GSE Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD Requirement

6/1/2017Bulletin 125 - Condominium Documentation Policy Update

5/31/2017Bulletin 124 - Student Loan Credit Policy for CHFA Conventional Loans

5/30/2017Bulletin 123 - Downpayment Assistance Program Delinquent Credit Policy

5/26/2017Bulletin 122 - Income Limit Revisions for Homebuyer Programs

5/5/2017Bulletin 121 - Revision to CHFA Interest Rate Point Options

5/4/2017Bulletin 120 - FHA Qualifying Income Debt Ratios Pilot Program

3/30/2017Bulletin 119 - Revisions to Single Family Sales Price Limits

3/27/2017Bulletin 118 - Finance Department Form Updates

3/16/2017Bulletin 117 - Downpayment Assistance Program Update

2/28/2017Bulletin 116 - Freddie Mac (FHLMC) HFA Advantage Program

2/13/2017Bulletin 115 - CHFA Federal Recapture Tax Form Updates

2/6/2017Bulletin 114A - CHFA Revised File Order Checklists for Loan Submissions

2/6/2017Bulletin 114B - Lender Authorization to Submit Electronic Files to CHFA

12/13/2016Bulletin 113 - Maximum Loan Amount Increasing for CHFA HFA Preferred™ Loan Products

12/5/2016Bulletin 112 - 2017 Lender Calendar Release

10/28/2016Bulletin 111 - CHFA Loan Servicers Name Change

8/22/2016Bulletin 110 - HFA Preferred Product Update

7/22/2016Bulletin 109 - CHFA LOS Missing Exhibits Status Report for Lenders

6/17/2016Bulletin 108 - Teachers Mortgage Assistance Program 2016 -2017 Updates

5/27/2016Bulletin 107 - CHFA Loan Program Outlines and Underwriting Guides Update

5/13/2016Bulletin 106 - 2016 Income and Sales Price Limit Revisions

5/11/2016Bulletin 105 - DAP Loan Servicer Name Change

5/4/2016Bulletin 104 - CHFA Notice Regarding Income and Sales Price Limits

5/3/2016Servicing Bulletin 2016-03 - CHFA non-HAMP Modifications

4/29/2016Servicing Bulletin 2016-02 - Super Liens

4/14/2016Bulletin 103 - CHFA Loan Program Outlines and Underwriting Guides

4/13/2016Bulletin 102 - CHFA Credit Policy and Underwriting Guidelines Update

4/6/2016Servicing Bulletin 2016-01 - Foreclosure Expense Pre-Reimbursements Option

3/29/2016Bulletin 101 - IHFA Authorization to Fund CHFA First Mortgage Loans with DAP

2/25/2016Bulletin 100 - CHFA HFA Preferred™ Subject Property Sales Price

1/12/2016Bulletin 99 - CHFA Loan Servicer Credit Score Eligibility

1/11/2016Bulletin 98 - AmeriNational Community Services, LLC Replaces Bogman, Inc.

11/4/2015Bulletin 97 - Interest Rate on Duplicate CHFA Loan Reservations

9/24/2015Bulletin 96 - TRID Compliance Obligations of Participating Lenders Update

9/17/2015Bulletin 95A - Revised CHFA Second Mortgage Deed

9/11/2015Bulletin 95 - Expanded Eligibility for HFA Preferred; DAP Deed Revised and Processing FHA Loans

8/28/2015Bulletin 94 - New CHFA Lender Training Schedule

8/14/2015Bulletin 93 - TRID Requirements for CHFA Approved Participating Lenders

7/30/2015Bulletin 92 - CHFA Approved Private Mortgage Insurance Providers

7/24/2015Bulletin 91 - CHFA Revisions to Income and Sales Price Limits

7/14/2015Bulletin 90 - New CHFA File Order Submission Checklist

6/23/2015Bulletin 89 - CHFA Eliminates Adverse Market Fee on HFA Preferred Loans

6/17/2015Bulletin 88 - Teacher Mortgage Assistance Program 2015-2016 Changes

5/7/2015Bulletin 87 - CHFA Announces a New Schedule for Publishing Single Family Program Interest Rates

5/1/2015Bulletin 86 - 2-4 Unit Condominium Project Eligibility

4/23/2015Bulletin 85 - CHFA Adds Online Counseling

4/22/2015Bulletin 84 - Housing Counseling Required for All CHFA Loans

4/10/2015Bulletin 83 - New Program Type in LOS for Uninsured Loans and a New Loan Program Reference Guide

3/30/2015Servicing Bulletin 2015-01 - Elimination of the Pre-Claim Option

3/12/2015Bulletin 82 - CHFA Loan Servicer Assignments for Approved Conventional Uninsured Loans

3/11/2015Bulletin 81A - CHFA Loan Origination System New Release - Loan Reservation Screen Updates

2/27/2015Bulletin 81 - CHFA Loan Origination System New Release - Loan Reservation Screen Updates

2/26/2015Bulletin 80 - PMI Available for HFA Preferred Program 2–4 Unit Properties - CHFA Increases Allowable Closing Cost Fees on 1st Mortgage Loans

2/19/2015Bulletin 79A - CHFA Announces Revisions to DAP Underwriting Guidelines

2/4/2015Bulletin 79 - CHFA Downpayment Assistance Program (DAP) Underwriting Guideline Revisions

1/22/2015Bulletin 78 - CHFA Requirements for FHA Loans with New Case Number Assignments

1/12/2015Notice 5 - Idaho Housing Finance Authority Powerpoint Presentation - Revised

12/31/2014Bulletin 77 - CHFA Announces New Changes (Revision)

12/19/2014Bulletin 76 - Single Family Downpayment Assistance Program Credit Analysis Update

12/10/2014Bulletin 75 - New CHFA Insured Pilot Program (CIPP)

11/5/2014Bulletin 74 - New "Senior Loan Processor" Role Added to CHFA Loan Origination System

9/18/2014Bulletin 73 - CHFA Loan Origination System (LOS) Enhancements and Changes

9/11/2014Bulletin 72 - HFA Preferred UPDATE Minimum Credit Score Requirements and DAP Eligibility for Condominiums

8/1/2014Bulletin 71 - CHFA Announces Revisions to Income and Sales Price Limits

7/7/2014Bulletin 70 - New Email Mailbox for Lender Inquiries and Special Request

6/13/2014Bulletin 69 - CHFA Announces Revisions to Eligible Dwelling and Downpayment Assistance Program Guidelines

6/12/2014Bulletin 68 - CHFA Announces a "NEW" Veteran Homeownership Pilot Program (VHPP)

6/11/2014Bulletin 67 - CHFA Increases the Maximum Loan-to-Value on CHFA First Mortgage Loans Insured by VA or USDA

6/10/2014Bulletin 66 - Teachers Mortgage Assistance Program 2014-2015 Changes

4/29/2014Bulletin 65A - Revision to Bulletin 65 (CHFA) Closed Loan Documentation Requirements

4/28/2014Bulletin 65 - Revision to Connecticut Housing Finance Authority Closed Loan Documentation

4/14/2014Bulletin 64 - CHFA New Interest Rate Options for Borrower(s) and Increased Compensation for Service Released Lenders

3/13/2014Bulletin 63 - Revision to Loan Servicer Assignment for CHFA HFA Preferred Loans

2/19/2014Servicing Bulletin 10 - CHFA Loan Modification Process Update

1/13/2014Bulletin 62 - HFA Preferred Loan Program - Loans in Targeted Areas

1/10/2014Bulletin 61A - Revision to Bulletin 61 - NMLS added to DAP Note/Deed

1/9/2014Bulletin 61 - CHFA Updated DAP Second Mortgage Deed and Second Mortgage Note

12/6/2013Bulletin 60 - HFA Preferred Transfer Fee and Tax Service Fee to U S Bank

11/15/2013Bulletin 59 - Borrower(s) Asset Test for Downpayment

11/14/2013Bulletin 58 - Family Income Eligibility Policy and Related Underwriting Guidelines

11/13/2013Bulletin 57 - CHFA Revision to Policy Regarding Eligibility Criteria for Participating and Correspondent Lenders

10/16/2013Bulletin 55 - CHFA Eligible Dwellings Include 55 and Older Retirement Communities

10/2/2013Notice 4 - Regarding FNMA DU Release 9.1 and CHFA HFA Preferred

8/30/2013Servicing Bulletin 9 - CHFA Loan Modification Process

7/31/2013Notice 3 - U. S. Bank HFA Preferred PowerPoint Presentation

7/23/2013Notice 1 - Important Notice to Service Released Lenders

6/20/2013Bulletin 54 - Teachers Mortgage Assistance Program 2013-2014 Changes

6/19/2013Bulletin 53 - Norwich Added to Police Homeownership Program

6/18/2013Bulletin 52 - CHFA Complies with FHA Requirements for DAP Funding

4/23/2013Bulletin 51 - CHFA Eliminates Requirement for Audited Financial Statements for Correspondent Lender Approval

4/22/2013Bulletin 50 - CHFA To Pay Recapture Tax For Eligible Homeowners

3/22/2013Servicing Bulletin 8 - CHFA Foreclosure Expense Pre-Reimbursement Option

2/28/2013Servicing Bulletin 7 - Delinquency & Foreclosure Reporting Supplement (Revision 3)

1/11/2013Bulletin 49A - Fannie Mae Approved Condos Eligible for Uninsured Financing

1/10/2013Bulletin 49 - CHFA Lifts Restriction on Originating Uninsured 1st Mortgage Loans
DatePress Release
Found: 110  matches     Displaying: 1 - 110