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CHFA Resource Map

The CHFA Resource Map is an all-in-one tool to help you find eligibility information for a CHFA mortgage. 


By clicking on the tabs below, you can see:

  • The Income and Sales Price Limits that apply to each Town.  The borrower's income must be within the Income Limits and the price of the home the borrower plans to purchase must be within the Sale Price Limits.
  • The Federal "Targeted Areas" in Connecticut.  These are areas of the State that would benefit from increased homeownership.  The interest rate on the mortgage loan is reduced by 0.25% for borrowers purchasing a home in a Targeted Area.  The first-time homebuyer requirement is waived in Targeted Areas (homebuyers may not own any property at the time of closing.)  Income limits are also waived in Targeted Areas unless the borrower is also applying for a down payment assistance loan. 
  • A complete listing of CHFA-Approved Housing Counselors.  These agencies provide a variety of educational tools and counseling program services to our borrowers and Connecticut residents.
  • CHFA-Approved Lenders in each Town.   Please note that in some cases, Lenders only have a main branch listed.  Contact the Lender for a list of their locations and a loan officer who can help with a CHFA loan.
  • CHFA Homes for Sale.  Click this tab to see where CHFA has homes currently listed for sale.
Note:  If you are looking at the Home of Your Own (disabled persons), Homeownership (tenants of publicly assisted housing) or Reverse Annuity Mortgages (elderly homeowners) Programs, use the Statewide Income Limits as shown in the Income & Sales Price Limits list provided below: 

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