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Mobile Manufactured Home Loan Program

Program Overview

The Mobile Manufactured Home Loan Program offers mortgages at affordable interest rates to eligible state residents interested in purchasing a mobile manufactured home in a Connecticut state-licensed mobile park. Generally, qualified applicants are first-time homebuyers and must otherwise qualify for a CHFA mortgage.  (See, Homebuyer Mortgage Program for CHFA mortgage eligibility guidelines.)

Please note: Eligibility for this program also depends on the continued availability of state funds that have been set aside to help finance these types of homes.

Follow the links below for more information regarding the Mobile Manufactured Home Loan Program.  


Mobile Manufactured Home Loan Interest Rates

Currently, the Mobile Manufactured Home Loan Program is providing mortgages at the following rate:

    • Government Insured Interest Rate: 3.125%** (APR range 3.225 - 3.625%)
    • Non-Government Insured Interest Rate: 3.375%**(APR range 3.475% - 3.875%)
    • Fees: Additional fees may apply.
    • Term: 30 years, fixed rate

** Please note, this rate is subject to change and additional lender fees may apply.


Who can apply for a Mobile Manufactured Home loan?

 The program is intended for first-time homebuyers who meet standard CHFA mortgage eligibility guidelines.  (See, Homebuyer Mortgage Program.)  Prospective applicants must complete a program criteria worksheet to determine their eligibility for the loan before they are permitted to submit a formal application for the loan.

  • Who are considered first-time homebuyers?
    First-time homebuyers are those who have never purchased a home before or have not had an ownership interest in a principal residence for the past three years.

  • What are the income guidelines to qualify for this loan?
    An applicant’s annual, before-tax household income must not exceed the CHFA income limits that apply to the geographic region where the applicant intends to purchase a home.  Household income is calculated by combining the income of all resident adults, 18 or older, who are not full time students.


What types of property can you purchase with a Mobile Manufactured Home loan ?

The Mobile Manufactured Home Program requires that loan applicants purchase mobile homes that meet specific property and sales price guidelines.

  • Property Guidelines:

    In order to qualify for this program, the applicant must use the loan to purchase a single or double wide mobile home in which he or she will reside year-round.  The applicant may not use the loan to purchase recreational, vacation, investment, commercial or rental properties. No part of the purchased property may be designed for commercial purposes.  

    In addition, the mobile home must meet the requirements listed below:

    • The mobile home must comply with FHA guidelines on mobile homes.
    • The mobile home must be located in a state-licensed mobile home park.
    • The mobile home must have been manufactured no earlier than 1976. (Case by case exceptions to this requirement may be made at CHFA's discretion.)
    • The mobile home must be affixed to a permanent foundation, with the wheels, axles and hitches removed.
    • A mobile home that is located in a Mobile Home Park that has a Co-op entity is not eligible for financing under this Program.
  • Sales Price Guidelines:
    In order to qualify for this program, the purchase price of a home must not exceed the CHFA sales price limit established for the specific city or town in the state where the property is located.  (See, the CHFA sales price limits.)


What else should you know about a Mobile Manufactured Home loan? 

The following additional considerations and restrictions apply to Mobile Manufactured Home loans.

  • A minimum down payment of 20% is required.
    Under this program, CHFA will lend up to 80% of either the appraised value or the purchase price of the mobile home, whichever is less.
  • A lot lease agreement is required.
    A qualified borrower under this program must enter into a yearly, renewable lot lease agreement before he or she will be permitted to close on the mortgage.  The borrower must also enter into a Lessor’s Agreement which assigns CHFA rights to the lease in the event the borrower fails to fulfill any of his or her obligations under the loan.
  • You are required to retain an attorney.
    Borrowers under this program must hire an attorney to represent them in this transaction and must agree to pay their attorney’s fees.
  • You may be required to pay a special federal tax if you sell your home within nine years.
    Under rare circumstances, CHFA mortgage loans may be subject to the Federal Recapture Tax at the time the property is sold.  The tax might apply if a borrower sells his or her home within nine years of the purchase date, makes a profit on the sale and has an income that exceeds federal recapture tax limits at the time of the sale.


How do you apply for a Mobile Manufactured Home loan?

The Mobile Manufactured Home Loan is originated and serviced by the Connecticut Housing Investment Fund (CHIF), a CHFA Participating Lender.

Applicants to this program must first complete a criteria worksheet and then contact CHIF to begin the loan application process.

Generally, the time from loan application to closing is about six to eight weeks. CHIF will schedule a closing date once all required documentation is approved and processed.



Prospective borrowers should contact CHIF for more information on the Mobile Manufactured Home Loan Program. 

Phone:     (860) 233-5165
Fax:(860) 233-2920

Mailing Address:
Connecticut Housing Investment Fund
121 Tremont Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06105

Additional questions on the Program may be directed to CHFA's Single Family Underwriting Department at:

Phone:     (860) 571-3502


Additional Information

The following documents are related to the Mobile Manufactured Home Loan Program.  To open and view the document, click on the document title. 

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085 Mobile Manufactured Home Financing Criteria Worksheet-012-2112 Rev 6-14
This worksheet is used to help individuals and CHFA determine borrower eligibility for the CHFA Mobile Home Loan Program.

120 Recapture Tax (The Federal) Notice to Mortgagor -Method to Compute - 052-1195 Rev 7-14
Notice of maximum Recapture Tax and Method to Compute on Sale of Home is required. Form must be signed and dated by borrowers providing them legal notice of the Tax due upon sale of the home during the Recapture Tax period.

122 Recapture Tax (The Federal) Notice to Mortgagor- Potential Tax 051-0597 Rev 3-15
This is a CHFA disclosure document that advises the borrower of the reason for the Recapture Tax provision and the conditions under which it will be applicable.

124 Recapture Tax (The Federal) Notice to Mortgagor- Understanding Tax - 050-0597 Rev 7-14
This is a CHFA Disclosure document that the Lender is required to present to a potential borrower at the time of application to certify the applicant has been informed of the potential Recapture Tax liability associated with CHFA mortgage loan financing.

125 Recapture Tax (The Federal) Reimbursement Request - 049-0313 Rev 8-14
Form is used to request reimbursement from CHFA of the Federal Recapture Tax borrowers paid following the sale or other disposition of a residence purchased with a mortgage financed through tax-exempt bonds issued by CHFA for closings on or after 3/18/13

126 Recapture Tax (The Federal) Threshold Income Limits Chart - 048-0405 Rev 8-14
This chart lists the threshold income limits for Recapture Tax liability based on the geographic location of the home and the number of years of ownership.

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This chart list the schedules for the Landlord Education classes. This class is required for the purchase of a 2 to 4 family home financed by CHFA. It is also available to any potential 2 to 4 family homeowner.

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This chart list the 2nd quarter schedules for the Pre-Closing Education class. These classes are available to homebuyers who are getting a Downpaymet Assistant Loan and have a reservation loan number for a CHFA loan.

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Found: 9  matches     Displaying: 1 - 9