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Compliance Reporting Requirements

Housing for the Homeless Program


The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) oversees rental housing developments in Connecticut that are subject to various compliance and reporting standards associated with their funding source.  Originally administered by the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), the Housing for the Homeless Program was designed to offer loans, deferred loans and/or grants to developers and owners of housing for homeless persons and/or families in need of transitional housing and support services. 

Recipients of funds under this program are required to provide CHFA with an Annual Report.  The Housing for the Homeless Program is subject to relevant state of Connecticut statutory requirements and regulations as well as the provisions of the Loan Documents and/or Assistance Agreement(s), applicable between the owner and CHFA.

Follow the links below to learn more about the compliance rules under the Housing for the Homeless Program.



Annual Reporting Requirements


The Housing for the Homeless Program requires owners and/or sponsors to submit an Annual Report to CHFA.


  • What should be included in the Annual Report?

    The Annual Report is submitted using State Housing Portfolio – Form 102 Annual Report Homeless Program. 

  • When is the Annual Report due?

    The Annual Report must be submitted by March 2  to CHFA.

  • In what format should the Annual Report be sent?

    The Annual Report may be submitted in printed (hard copy) by mail or fax or by electronic mail. 

  • Where should the Audited Annual Financial Statement be sent?

    The Annual Report may be emailed or sent by US Mail to the following address:  

    Name:     Deborah Favreau
    Phone:     860 571-4341

    Mailing Address:
    Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
    Attn: Deborah Favreau
    999 West Street
    Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067


    The Annual Report may also be sent by fax to (860) 257-4279.


Annual Report DocumentsFound: 1  matches.  
State-Sponsored Housing Portfolio – Form 10-2 Annual Report Homeless Program
This is the form used by owners of housing created under the Housing for the Homeless Program to report occupancy, rent, organization and insurance information to CHFA each year.
Found: 1  matches.  



Questions? Contact CHFA.


For additional assistance, developments subject to Housing for the Homeless Program requirements should contact CHFA’s Asset Management Department.