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CHFA Mortgage Programs 

Homebuyer Tools, Calculators and Look-ups 

The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) has compiled the following resources and reference tools to help you chart and navigate your journey to homeownership.  

To learn more, follow the links below:

Locate a CHFA-approved bank or mortgage company in Connecticut that can process your CHFA mortgage from application to closing.

Check to see if your income meets the CHFA city, town and state income limits and whether you are eligible for a CHFA mortgage.

Check to see if the home you hope to buy meets the CHFA city, town and state sales price limits and whether it is eligible for CHFA financing.

Identify the geographic areas in Connecticut that are exempt from some CHFA eligibility requirements.

Review the list of condominium complexes in Connecticut that are eligible for CHFA mortgage financing.

Calculate how much home you can afford based on your debt, income, and loan terms.

See a listing of homes in Connecticut that are currently owned by CHFA due to foreclosure and are for sale.

Calculate the monthly mortgage payment on the home you wish to buy based on the home's price and the loan terms.

Discover when it makes economic sense to buy a home rather than to rent. (Please note: this tool is provided by the New York Times.)

Check the current interest rates for each of CHFA’s home mortgage programs.

Find definitions for common terms associated with home buying and home financing.

Learn about the federal tax regulation that in rare circumstances could impact the sale of your CHFA- financed home.