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Downpayment Assistance Program

Program Overview

The Downpayment Assistance Program (DAP) offers supplementary loans at below-market interest rates to eligible borrowers of home loans who are unable to raise sufficient funds to pay the upfront expenses associated with purchasing a home.

Please note: A DAP loan is not intended to finance the purchase of a home.  Because CHFA recognizes that the foremost obstacle to homeownership is a potential homebuyer’s inability to cover the down payment and closing costs of a home purchase, DAP loans can be used in conjunction with CHFA home loans.  An eligible borrower must show his or her ability to repay the primary mortgage and the DAP loan in order to qualify for assistance under this program.   

Follow the links below for more information regarding the Downpayment Assistance Program.  


Downpayment Assistance Program Interest Rates

In most cases, the DAP interest rate will match the interest rate of the borrower’s first mortgage (up to 6 %.)  However some borrowers under the Homeownership Program, the Home of Your Own Loan Program, the Police Homeownership Mortgage Program and the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Program may be eligible for a lower interest rate.


Who can apply for a Downpayment Assistance Program loan?

Any borrower who qualifies for a CHFA first mortgage can also apply for a DAP loan of at least $3,000.  Generally, borrowers must demonstrate that they have sufficient income to pay both loans but lack sufficient savings to afford a down payment and/or the closing costs on the home.  In addition, the applicant must be able to afford the $200 application fee for the program and must also attend a free 3-hour homebuyer education class before closing on the loan. (See, homebuyer education for class schedules.)


How much Downpayment Assistance can you receive?

The minimum DAP loan amount is $3,000 and the maximum is 25 % of the purchase price of the home.   


What else should you know about a DAP loan? 

  • Loan amounts may vary.
    While the minimum DAP loan amount is $3,000, the actual down payment required might exceed this sum depending upon the purchase price of the home.  Typically, at least 3.5 % of the total purchase price of a home is required for a down payment. (This is determined by the mortgage insurer.)   

  • Loan eligibility may depend on household savings.
    DAP applicants are required to use all liquid assets or household savings above $10,000 towards a down payment.  This requirement does not apply to borrowers under the Police Homeownership Program and the Teachers Mortgage Assistance Program.  Retirement accounts are excluded from the asset test.

  • An application fee is required.
    There is a $200 application fee for a DAP loan.

  • You will need to complete a homebuyer education class.  
    Under this program, a borrower must attend a free three-hour homebuyer education class before closing on the loan.  Classes are held at several locations in the state each month. (See, homebuyer education class schedules.)

  • Other down payment assistance may be available from your town or city.
    Some towns and cities provide down payment assistance in the form of low interest loans or grants to eligible residents.  Prospective homebuyers should inquire with their local Department of Economic and Community Development to investigate whether this assistance is available.


How do you apply for a Downpayment Assistance Program loan?

To be eligible for a DAP loan, borrowers must apply and qualify for a CHFA first mortgage.  To apply for a Downpayment Assistance Program loan, prospective borrowers should contact one of CHFA’s Participating Lenders for guidance through the loan application process. Generally, the entire loan process takes between six and eight weeks.


Questions?  Contact CHFA.

Prospective borrowers should first contact their lender for information on this loan program.  For additional assistance, borrowers may contact CHFA’s single family underwriting department.

Phone:     (860) 571-3502
Fax:(860) 571-3550

Mailing Address:
Attn: Single Family Underwriting
999 West Street
Rocky Hill, CT 06067-4005


Additional Information

The following documents are related to the Downpayment Assistance Program.  To open and view the document, click on the document title.

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005 Approval of Assumption - 035-1195 Rev 7-14
This form approves the CHFA assumption of a CHFA Mortgage.

010 Assumption Agreement -Sample - 036-1195 Rev 7-14
This form is a sample of the mortgage assumption agreement.

015 Borrower Eligibility Certificate - 014-1107 Rev6-14
This CHFA Disclosure Document is required to be signed by Borrower(s) to certify that both the borrower and the home that is being purchased meet the eligibility requirement for a CHFA loan.

030 Downpayment Assistance Program (DAP) Appl for Dwnpymnt and Closing Costs - DAPappcc Rev 6-14
This is the Downpayment Assistance Program application for downpayment assistance and closing costs.

034 Downpayment Assistance Program (DAP) Borrowers Certificate - DAP95-05 Rev 8-14
This is a CHFA Downpayment Assistant Program disclosure document that must be completed at application. The borrower(s) are required to certify understanding of each statement relative to the terms of receiving the DAP Second Mortgage Loan.

Processing Checklist and File Submission Order - 0009-1107
The checklist details the mortgage insurance type, standard-CHFA and product specific CHFA loan documents in the order they must be presented in the loan application package submitted to CHFA for processing.

3-Hour Homebuyer Education Class Schedule - 3rd Quarter 2014
This chart list the 3rd Quarter 2014 schedule for 3-Hour Homebuyer Education classes. These classes are available to homebuyers who are getting a Downpayment Assistance Loan and have a reservation loan number for a CHFA loan.

CHFA Homebuyer Mortgage Programs Brochure
This brochure provides an overview of the CHFA Homebuyer Mortgage Program, the Downpayment Assistance Program and the Rehabilitation Mortgage Loan Program.

CHFA Homebuyer Mortgage Programs Brochure (Spanish)
This brochure provides an overview of the CHFA Homebuyer Mortgage Program, the Downpayment Assistance Program and the Rehabilitation Mortgage Loan Program.

Homebuyer Income and Sales Price Limits
This document details the income and sales price limits that are in effect in different geographic regions of the state

Police Program Participating Town List Rev 7-1-2013
This is a list of Town that participate in the CHFA Police Program

Recapture Tax (The Federal) Threshold Income Limits - rev. 8-18-2014
This chart lists the threshold income limits for the Federal Recapture Tax liability based on geographic location of the home and the number of years of ownership.

Teacher Statement of Eligibility for Mortgage Assistance
This document must be completed by an authorized agent of the school system to certify Teachers eligibility to received CHFA mortgage loan financing under the terms and conditions of the Teachers Mortgage Assistance Program.
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