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Homebuyer Education

3 Hour - Pre-Closing Education Class


CHFA offers three-hour pre-closing education courses free-of-charge to CHFA loan applicants through its CHFA/HUD-approved, participating counseling agencies across the state.  CHFA requires that all applicants attend this class as part of their loan process.  The three-hour pre-closing class provides an overview on a range of financial and practical topics that a homebuyer should understand before completing the homeownership process.


Class Schedule

Download the file below for a schedule of upcoming classes.  

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CHFA Counseling Agencies Contact Information
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Counseling Class Online - CHFA e-Home America Customer Instructions
Instructions to register for the CHFA e-Home America Online Counseling course.

Counseling Class Schedule - 3 Hour Pre-Closing Education Class - 2Q 2016
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What topics are covered in this class?

CHFA’s three-hour pre-closing education class covers the technical, financial and practical aspects involved in buying and maintaining a home.  The curriculum reviews the sometimes complex trail of documentation that accompanies a home purchase from the offer to the closing.  For first-time homebuyers unfamiliar with the ongoing requirements of homeownership, this class assists them in protecting their investment, including planning a budget and a home maintenance schedule as well as foreclosure prevention.


Who is allowed to participate?

The three-hour pre-closing education class is required for all CHFA loan applicants.

Applicants will be given a loan reservation number from their CHFA-approved Participating Lender which will enable them to register with one of the CHFA/HUD approved counseling agencies that conduct the three-hour pre-closing education program.  


Who teaches this class?  

Over ten CHFA/HUD-approved counseling agencies conduct the three-hour pre-closing education classes on behalf of CHFA.  These non-profit agencies are staffed by counseling professionals who are trained in CHFA loan programs.  


Where and when are the classes held?  

Three-hour pre-closing education classes are offered at a variety of locations across the state and at different times each month.  To accommodate diverse schedules, they are offered on weekday evenings as well as on Saturdays.  (See, 3-hour pre-closing class schedule, for more specific information.)


How do you register for this class?

CHFA loan applicants with loan reservation numbers can register for a three-hour pre-closing class at a time and location convenient to them by contacting any of the CHFA approved counseling agencies.  Registration are taken by telephone or online.  Applicants who complete the class will be provided with a certificate to verify that they have satisfied the education requirement of their loan application.    


How much does this class cost?  

This class is provided free-of-charge to all eligible CHFA loan applicants. 


Questions? Contact your lender or CHFA counseling agency.

Your CHFA-approved lender can provide you with information about the homebuyer education requirement and refer you to an agency near you.  Or, you may contact a counseling agency directly to obtain more detailed information.

If you still have questions, please contact CHFA:

Phone:     (860) 571-3502
Fax:(860) 571-3550

Mailing Address:
Attn: Single Family Underwriting
999 West Street
Rocky Hill, CT 06067-4005