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for Owners and Management Agents

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The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) has compiled the following document library with forms, documents and other CHFA publications that might be of interest or use to a multifamily development Owner or Management Agent.    

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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about CHFA's Audited Annual Financial Statement Reporting Requirements.

Capital Improvement Guide
This document augments CHFA's 2015 Multifamily Design, Construction and Sustainability Standards, and includes suggested related issues and conditions to be examined when planning various capital improvement/replacement/repair projects in 2015.

Capital Improvement Project Classifications
CHFA's Construction Guidelines: Technical Services/Asset Management (TSAM) Capital Improvement Project Review is used to determine the Classification Code for repairs/replacements/installations of items as part of the Escrow Disbursement Policy

Capital Improvement Schedule
This workbook is used by developments with CHFA Multifamily Mortgages to project their Capital Improvements on a yearly basis.

CHFA – HM 9-15 – Amendment to Lease
This is a lease amendment required for developments financed with CHFA mortgage loans if CHFA is not the Contract Administrator for the development.

CHFA - HM 8-15 - Amendment to Subsidized Programs
If CHFA is your Contract Administrator (CA) you must attach an executed copy of this amendment to each HUD model lease.

CHFA – HM 9-30 – Weekly Marketing Report
The form is used to monitor the occupancy rate as well as demographic information of tenants and applicants of a CHFA-financed development during lease up.

CHFA - Management Fee / Compensation Policy
This document will explain the internal process of approving or declining an Owner’s request for a Management Fee / Compensation increase. This same process is used when an Asset Manager decreases a Management Fee / Compensation due to non-compliance.

CHFA – Management Plan Outline
These instructions provide an outline of the Management Plan for implementing and meeting the affordable housing objectives of a housing development.

CHFA - Marketing Grid Form - Word Format
This Word document enables developers to track their competitor’s rents and set rents for their property at a level that will maximize the development’s net operating income.

CHFA - Marketing Plan Outline
These instructions provide an outline of the Marketing Plan for marketing and outreach activities of a housing development.

CHFA - Resident Selection Plan Outline
These instructions provide an outline of the Resident Selection Plan for selecting eligible and responsible residents for a housing development.

CHFA - Sample Control Compliance Reports
These sample Internal Control and Compliance Reports may be used on audits beginning December 31, 2008 by independent public accountants of CHFA-financed housing developments with HUD-assisted programs when a REAC filing is not required.

CHFA - Wire Transfer
This form contains information that enables owners of project-based Section 8 developments to arrange for wire transfers from CHFA to your Institution.

CHFA Escrow Disbursement Policy
This summary outlines the approval policy by which a development obtains authorization from CHFA for an escrow disbursement. It also details the disbursement request process.

CHFA Multifamily Housing Financial Reporting - Budgets, Interims and Capital Improvement Schedule
This workbook is used by developments with CHFA Multifamily Mortgages to project their Annual Operating Budgets and their Capital Improvements for the coming year. HM 6-12, HM 6-12(a) and HM 6-12(d) are required for the budget submission. HM 6-10 is required for Interim Statement submission.

CHFA Multifamily Insurance Requirements
This document outlines CHFA's insurance requirements for multifamily properties. (Revised 01/16/2018)

CHFA Policy on Annual Recertification for 100% LIHTC and Tax-Exempt Bond Projects
The purpose of this memo is to communicate that CHFA has adopted a modified waiver of annual recertification for housing credit and tax-exempt bond projects that are 100% low-income, and to provide guidance and caution to owners who are implementing the process.

CHFA/DOH Cosolidated Application Training
This PowerPoint presentation offers training on the 2014 CHFA/DOH Consolidated Application.

CHFA's LIHTC Post Year-15 Compliance Monitoring Policy
This document serves as the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority’s (CHFA) Post Year-15 Compliance Monitoring Policy for properties allocated Low-Income Housing Tax Credits by CHFA beginning in 1990. The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with the Extended Low-Income Housing Commitment (ELIHC) while allowing for the waiving of certain requirements during the Extended Use Period.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a decade old project design concept with proven results in the housing industry. CPTED is a collaborative process that includes relevant stakeholders to a specific project; owners, architects, engineers, planning and land use boards, law enforcement officials, security professionals, and citizens, all working together to ensure that the built environment maximizes desired use of the property while simultaneously impeding potential undesirable use and opportunities for criminal activity.

Escrow Disbursement Forms Workbook
This workbook contains all the Escrow Disbursement Forms that are needed for an escrow disbursement. In addition, it also includes worksheets listing the CHFA Classifications and the Descriptive Codes.

Escrow Reserve Policy Training Presentation
This Powerpoint Presentation is to assist you in the Escrow Reserve Policy Procedures.

Multifamily Rental Housing Units Directory
This directory of multifamily rental housing units is CHFA's inventory of their CHFA-Financed and State-Sponsored Housing Portfolios. It can provide the information you may need to locate a new rental housing unit. Additional properties in the state may be located on the 211 website (

Setting up your Microsoft Account for TPS/Waiting List Survey
These are the instructions for setting up your Microsoft Account for TPS/Waiting List Survey.
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