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for Homeowners at Risk of Foreclosure

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling 


To support Connecticut homeowners who are struggling financially and at risk of foreclosure, HUD/CHFA-approved housing counseling agencies throughout the state offer a range of Foreclosure Prevention Counseling services free-of-charge to homeowners who are delinquent or in danger of becoming delinquent on their mortgages.  

Counseling is available for homeowners at risk of face foreclosure to assist them in identifying the causes and possible solutions to their financial issues.  For these homeowners housing counselors can negotiate with lenders on their behalf to work out mutually-acceptable plans that address their mortgage issues.   

Homeowners accepted into the Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program are required to participate in Financial Fitness counseling in order to qualify for job training services.  (See, Financial Fitness counseling schedule.)  Housing counselors may also refer homeowners to other services and programs as needed.  Eligible homeowners with non-FHA-insured loans may be referred to CHFA for assistance under the Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (EMAP.)

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What services are provided in Foreclosure Prevention Counseling?  

Generally, Foreclosure Prevention Counseling helps homeowners develop insight into the causes of their financial issues and the steps they can take to regain financial stability.   The counseling is customized to the needs of participating homeowners and provides a variety of assistance and support, including help in designing a budget.  

Foreclosure Prevention counselors may also refer homeowners to other community resources that provide supplementary services and support.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling may include (for homeowners 60 days or more delinquent):  

    • Some homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure, or expect a period of temporary financial hardship, may require assistance communicating with their lender. In these cases, counselors will assess the financial situation of the homeowner and identify remedial steps that might prevent or otherwise resolve the foreclosure.  Counselors will present an action plan to the homeowner’s loan servicer in an effort to find agreement.  

      Among other possible responses, the counselor may propose a loan repayment plan or loan modification that will prevent foreclosure proceedings during a homeowner’s temporary financial hardship.  

    • Financial Fitness Counseling
      Homeowners who have been accepted into the Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program and are 60 days or more delinquent on their mortgage, are required to participate in financial literacy and credit counseling.  (See, Financial Fitness counseling.)  


Who is eligible to participate in Foreclosure Prevention Counseling?                 

Generally, all homeowners in the community experiencing financial difficulties which might put them in default on their home mortgages are eligible to register for free Foreclosure Prevention Counseling at a CHFA/HUD-approved housing counseling agency.    

    • CHFA-Borrowers  
      CHFA borrowers are required to register with the housing agency that has been assigned to their mortgage servicing company.   

    • Homeowners referred for job-training  
      Homeowners who have been accepted into the Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program are required to participate in Financial Fitness Counseling at any of the housing agencies assigned to that program.  


Who provides Foreclosure Prevention Counseling?  

CHFA/HUD-approved housing counseling agencies across the state provide Foreclosure Prevention Counseling on behalf of CHFA.  These HUD-and CHFA- approved non-profit agencies are staffed by counseling professionals who are trained in foreclosure prevention and loss mitigation and intervention strategies.


Where and when is Foreclosure Prevention Counseling provided?  

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling is offered at a variety of locations across the state and at different times each month.  Homeowners who believe they might benefit from this service should contact a housing counseling agency directly.  CHFA-borrowers should contact the counseling agency assigned to their loan servicing company.  (See, Foreclosure Prevention Counseling for list of agencies and mortgage servicing companies.)  

Homeowners who have been referred to Financial Fitness Counseling should register through one of the counseling agencies assigned to that program. (See, Financial Fitness Counseling schedule.)


How do you register for Foreclosure Prevention Counseling?  

Typically, the CHFA Call Center, Housing Fairs, as well as a homebuyer’s mortgage servicing company or lender may refer a homeowner facing foreclosure to a CHFA/HUD-approved housing counseling agency for appropriate services.  However, self-referred homeowners are eligible to register for Foreclosure Prevention Counseling and can be assessed for eligibility at that location.  

Homeowners do not have to be CHFA borrowers to participate in Foreclosure Prevention Counseling.  Please note that specific counseling agencies have been assigned to provide these services to homeowners who are CHFA-borrowers based on their mortgage servicing company.  (See, Foreclosure Prevention Counseling to find the right agency for you.)


How much does Foreclosure Prevention Counseling cost?  

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling is provided free-of-charge to all eligible homeowners.


Questions? Contact a counseling agency or CHFA.  

Homeowners who are facing foreclosure should contact CHFA’s Call Center to determine what course of action may be available to them and to obtain a referral to a CHFA/HUD-approved housing counseling agency that provides Foreclosure Prevention Counseling.  

Phone:     (877) 571-2432 or (860) 571-3500

Mailing Address:
Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
Attn: CHFA Call Center
999 West Street
Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067

Homeowners who are facing foreclosure and wish to apply for job re-training assistance under the Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program may contact CHFA’s Call Center or The Workplace, Inc.’s Call Center. 


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