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Interagency Collaborations

Group Homes


Under the state Group Home Mortgage Finance Program, the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA), provides low interest mortgage financing to create community-based residential facilities, or “Group Homes,” for persons with developmental disabilities in Connecticut.   The trend towards community care as the preferred model of housing and care for persons with disabilities began in the 1980s and has become an important mode of care in the state today.  CHFA has played an integral role in the provision of community living arrangements through implementation of mortgage loan programs financed with 501(c) (3) Tax-Exempt Bonds.   

CHFA works closely with the following state agencies that ensure the responsible delivery of services to people with developmental disabilities in Group Homes in Connecticut: 

CHFA relies on DDS and DSS to approve a Group Home development proposal as appropriate and suitable for occupancy by people with developmental disabilities.  In addition, these agencies analyze whether the state and federal benefits received by residents to ensure that rents paid will cover the operating expenses and the debt service of a Group Home.


Current Group Home Initiatives Involving CHFA  

The state Group Home Mortgage Finance Program is ongoing. Group Home developers interested in this program should contact the DSS Regional Office in your area for information on its requisition process with regards to the establishment of Group Homes expected to be financed by CHFA.  

For more information on Group Home financing, please contact:



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